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We have already shared some tips about how to improve your Live Learning courses, such as how to get trainees be involved or how to improve the use of your whiteboard. Today we want to give you some advice on the proper administration of your trainings plans:

  1. Start by thinking about the needs of the trainees and find instructors who can best teach them what they need.
  2. Motivate people to participate in trainings, making them gain autonomy and develop their skills inside the company.
  3. Constantly evaluate the progress of the training programs: With Wormhole you are able to keep in touch with both instructors and trainees. It is really important listen and learn from their experiences. Ask yourself if the course is going as it was planned, and what have the trainees learned so far.
  4. Get involved with the instructors so they can offer their feedback and improve future programs together. For example: Is the number of trainees in each class ok? are two live classes per week enough? is the schedule suitable for all the participants?
  5. Keep a fluid communication channel both with instructors and trainees: Good communication is the basis for every educational relationship, even more so for Live Learning. The possibility of virtual meetings through Wormhole Classroom is essential for the learning process.
  6. Report to the instructors the needs, suggestions and recommendations that you think are important to take into consideration and improve future editions.

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