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Learning on tablets

Nowadays, with technology an increasingly common part our daily lives, we must stop to think about how technological advances are introduced into our education. At Wormhole, we have a video learning platform which allows the reproduction of live experiences as in traditional learning, but through a computer or mobile device.

The possibility to make education reach remote locations with only an internet connection was the key that pushed us into creating the company. Today thousands of people are teaching and learning using our online education platform. Many companies are also using it for staff training, specially when employees work from different cities or countries around the world.

Our video learning platform is a simple and cost-effective tool, used by many professionals and academics, with the same results as traditional learning in physical classrooms. Our platform allows users to communicate, train, study, meet and broadcast events with only a simple internet connection, from anywhere.

We strive to keep adding new tools that make online education and training more engaging and entertaining. It is not just a place to share content that can be found anywhere on the web. What we value is the interaction between teachers and students, learning from each others experience. Education evolves and in Wormhole we push it forward.

These technologies help us to make people feel near when they are physically distant, and also allow us to learn without need to travel. Our video learning platform opens the door for a change in the methodologies of access to the information. We recommend everyone to try the Live Learning experience and see for themselves all the tools available in the virtual room, such as the digital whiteboards, shared videos, shared desktop, discussions in the chatroom or live transmission of audio and video.

By Sally Buberman - CEO de Wormhole www.wormholeit.com

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