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10 keys to develop Live Learning projects

Live Learning is a new concept which includes virtual learning emphasizing in the relation between teachers and students; and in the interaction of students with each others.

Live Learning gives to traditional learning the option of replicate personally experience, learning from practice of teachers and students, despite distances contents, exams and live classes from any mobile device o computer, with a simple Internet connection helping the interaction and encouraging students and professor to participate.

Below, we are showing 10 tips that you should have in mind at the time you are starting to plan a Live Learning project:

  1. Use a temporal scheme about the main contents you are going to present along the course, including general and specific objectives.
  2. Create your didactic strategy and determinate the skeleton and times of your course of training.
  3. Set one or more days for online classes, with their respective schedule.
  4. Write or compiled the materials which you are going to use in the course. It is necessary to divide them into obligatory and complementary, and determinate which ones will be using on the classes.
  5. Prepare tutorials and welcome manuals for students, which includes educative and technical issues.
  6. Choose the dynamic of the presentation it will be using. It could be a combination between online classes and deferred through videos.
  7. Propose issues for debate in public forums, to encouraging students to log in into the platform periodically.
  8. Explain the evaluation method from the beginning. Some educative platforms, like Wormhole Campus, allow to take multiple choice exams, or oral presentations.
  9. Keep the communication channel open though the platform. It is good that the students could dispel doubts about classes or materials with the professor or the auxiliary. It is also a good way to send and receive news, share interesting links with classmates and notify about some change in the calendar.
  10. Poll your performance with each course. It will help you to improve your Live Learning method. It is possible redesign it and modify educative strategies.

If you need more advises about Live Learning , we recommend the E-book “Strategies for the design and deployment of online couses”, by Fundación Evolución, which you can download for free from here.

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