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End of Webinar cycle on online education

The cycle of webinars about Online Education hosted by Wormhole and Fundación Evolución has come to an end, with a debate on the necessity of teaching programming at schools. The entire programme consisted of six webinars about strategies, tools and tactics for the proper development of online educational activities.

The panel of experts on programming was broadcast with Wormhole Auditorium. The speakers were Patricia Güidi, pedagogical advisor of the city of Buenos Aires and supporter of MIT's Scratch; Marisa Conde, professor specializing on EdTech and Ignacio López, Wormhole's CTO and programming teacher.

In a previous webinar a debate table was held about the integration of IT into Education with Mónica Trech, coordinator of the graduate course on Education and New Technologies at FLACSO, and Martiniano Salas, elementary school teacher and specialist on IT, as speakers and Sally Buberman as moderator. Both webinars are the type of events that are recommended in the e-Book "Strategies for designing and implementing online events", in which experts professionals from Fundación Evolución share different tools and techniques for developing virtual events.

Previous presentations, accompanied with two e-Books about online courses and live online classes, included techniques to organize Live Learning courses, design recommendations, content development and management, and activities for live classes as well as for self-paced courses using educational platforms.

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