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Stanford University Graduated School

Nacho, Sally and Maxi joined entrepreneurs from over ten countries to be part of the leadership capacitation program offered by Stanford University and Endeavor, of which Wormhole’s co founders are members since 2011.

It was an intensive course, where they shared classes and debates with other entrepreneurs.

“It was a really useful experience. We listened to highly qualified professors, and also we had the opportunity to share ideas and receive advice from colleagues from different countries around the world”

Maxi Menasches explained about his experience.

The main topic was “Scaling Fast Growing Companies in Global Markets”. Leadership was the main concept to achieve strong and sustained growth.

“It’s important to learn about new leadership tools, which allow us keep increasing our business. It was great that we studied real cases. What we are living now in Wormhole, has been done before by many companies, so we could learn from their experience and their mistakes.”

Said Sally Buberman.

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