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Enseñanza de Programación en las escuelas

The cycle of webinars about Online Education hosted by Wormhole and Fundación Evolución has come to an end, with a debate on the necessity of teaching programming at schools. The entire programme consisted of six webinars about strategies, tools and tactics for the proper development of online educational activities.

Interviewing Sally Buberman - Wobi Magazine

In 2006 her father passed away and her mother fell sick. It was then that Sally Buberman knew she would need to work more hours to keep up the household. She was 22 and a friend broke the news she had been looking for: “An American company is looking for South American people who can speak English and French, who has some knowledge of I.T. and if possible of math, physics and chemistry. The job is to teach American children online”. Sally fulfilled all these requisites, and without even noticing it, Wormhole had been born.

Major renewal for Wormhole Campus and launching full recording
Information Technology

Wormhole was set up as a platform for online training. Now they go for mobile devices and incomes are estimated to be about U$S 1 million.

By Manuel Parera - For Information Technology Magazine