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Pizarra virtual

In online classes, the speaker could use the whiteboard to give visual support to his words, and also to give examples with videos or photos.

2º Ebook de Capacitación Empresarial

The Human Resources area represents a key sector in the company to achieve the business objective. The management of talents is essential to direct all the actions towards the same business purpose.

2º Ebook de Capacitación Empresarial

This time, María del Carmen Troncoso, Human Resources management specialist, prepared a document on the importance of motivation when training the talents of an organization.

New version of Wormhole Campus

Hi! We want to tell you that our new version 8.0 of Wormhole Campus has been active since Sunday, September 28.

Since the beginning of the year, we've been working on this version, which has a lot of improvements, such as new functionalities and a graphic administration and management interface, completely redesigned to facilitate and speed up your daily tasks. Likewise, we've incorporated the most modern web technologies (such as HTML5) to create the best version of Wormhole Campus in our history!