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How many times have you felt frustrated thinking about how hard it is for you to learn compared to your partners? Or how many times have you spent in front of the bibliography of your courses and, at the time of the exam, your nerves make you forget everything?

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Several of companies make the mistake of presuming that the investment in professional training is just another way to conceal the training deficiencies of their employees. However, recent investigations regarding business training, performed by human resources institutes, have discovered that implementing a business training program in your company can be more difficult than expected.

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How much subjectivity surrounds the word "intelligence"? We have reached a moment in intellectual evolution in which we can tell the difference between skill and competencies, competences and knowledge, and knowledge and information. All that implies knowing that intelligence can be materialized in different ways, depending on the person, the needs and the context.

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Many times, distance students easily lose their interest on trainings and, most of the time, this situation is explained through the lack of commitment towards learning on behalf of students, but have you ever asked yourself how the development of technology in teachers has affected the outcome of online classes?