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Caso de estudio: FIA

"The benefit we receive from Wormhole, apart from saving time and money in traveling, is the quality of the interaction"

What is a webinar useful for?

A webinar is a methodology which began to be used some years ago to offer online mass classes for hundreds of people simultaneously. Its name derives from the merge of the words "web" and "seminar".

Recommendations to take online exams in your Live Learning courses

One of the main advantages of offering online courses and training from a Live Learning platform is that interactivity as well as independence among participants are maintained. Each student can move on at their own pace with compulsory readings and exams, since the system allows them to progress as activities are completed.

Caso de estudio: CNP Assurances

"The most apparent benefit is the reduction of travel and accommodation costs, because they translate into an immediate decrease in costs."