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Paulo Vasconcellos, in charge of the pedagogical support in Wormhole and, besides, Portuguese teacher in the company. We have asked him about his opinion on the importance of the instructor's role in virtual training, and here are his answers:

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The end of the year brings the opportunity to think about new goals, design new objectives, rethink our experiences and make a balance of what we have learnt. However, in our eagerness to think in the following step we lose sight of the importance of the path followed...

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These are the last working days of the year and everybody is euphoric at the office, but something is happening to you between meetings and during lunch time... You're invaded by a strange melancholy. You realize that it is time to stop and close a stage. You cannot avoid thinking what happened during the whole year and your mood is divided between disappointment for the expectations not achieved and the desire to improve to arrive at new goals. You are on suspension dots arising from the achievements obtained and all the curves shaped by obstacles in the middle of the way.

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When you have enough students in your traditional courses, but you still do not have the necessary recognition to triple that number without spending huge amounts of money on transport, materials and logistics... the best solution for you is to invest in online courses.