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Education and technology

We are born, we interact. We grow up, learn by imitation. We develop ourselves, exchange knowledge. Our life is socialization.

Live Learning Interaction

Many of us know that e-learning has broken the education molds. It has been an evolution, a landmark in the history of distance education. But today, Live Learning has positioned itself as the new trend of online education that merges e-learning methods with a unique virtual experience of live interaction for a really transcendental and meaningful learning.

Successful entrepreneur

What we like the most about him is his passion for Wormhole. Not only have we noticed this, but also the great number of technological industries that usually invite Maxi as speaker at their events to talk about the challenges of starting a business in this area and highlighting the value of the new educational technologies. During an interview, he gave us 5 tips to turn into a successful entrepreneur.

Team changes

You have taken a successful distance training and the first thing you want to do is to share all the things learnt with your working team and start to apply the new practices to your working methodology. We know for sure that this is not always easy. For that reason, today we give you the following 5 key points to introduce changes to your organization in a healthy and harmonic way.