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New version of Wormhole Campus

Hi! We want to tell you that our new version 8.0 of Wormhole Campus has been active since Sunday, September 28.

Since the beginning of the year, we've been working on this version, which has a lot of improvements, such as new functionalities and a graphic administration and management interface, completely redesigned to facilitate and speed up your daily tasks. Likewise, we've incorporated the most modern web technologies (such as HTML5) to create the best version of Wormhole Campus in our history!

Live Learning vs. Open Source LMS

Since some years, LMS (Learning Management Systems) used in distance education programs are putting aside the traditional e-learning methods based on open-source systems, like Moodle, to adopt virtual education platforms that may be managed by the end user. In this way, they do not depend on a programmer to implement the open-source tool and to adapt it to the training final needs.

Caso de estudo: ESET
dictar clases online

For some years now, Live Learning has been used by many companies and nonprofit organizations to offer online classes no matter where the participants are. Organizations can duplicate the scope of their trainings by offering virtual courses.