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Caso de estudio: CNP Assurances

"The most apparent benefit is the reduction of travel and accommodation costs, because they translate into an immediate decrease in costs."

Capacitación Empresarial

This time, a Human Resources management specialist is going to tell us why is business training improves when using Live Learning.

Continuous training

When creating a business training plan, not only do human resource managers have to take into account the economic cost affecting the area, but also the return that the organization and each person will receive. According to a recent study, the most important factor for 37.7% of Argentinians when selecting a job position is development possibility, even though job stability and a good working team are also important.

Business Training: A Strategic Investment

Nowadays, the human capital of an organization constitutes its main competitive advantage and its management becomes one of the greatest challenges of staff supervisors. Managing talents in a company involves the development of training programs to improve professional competences.