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Some changes in Campus

We want to tell you that we implemented a new version of Wormhole Campus soon. We improve our store to bring you more visually, navigable and reachable courses.

Keys for corporate Live Learning Growth

Innovate to learn. Understand to pass on new knowledge. Both premises make their room among the corporate management sector and push companies to train their employees. Nowadays, the main challenge of medium and large-sized enterprises is training the areas of Human Resources, Business, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Why do they choose to do it through Live Learning?

10 reasons to use Live Learning

Live Learning is a new method through which companies can train their employees, interact with their customers, get in contact with people or even enlarge their business opportunities. Below, we'll analyze the 10 main reasons why a company needs to have a Live Learning plan.

Banner reconocimiento Live Learning

Pride, satisfaction and a huge desire to keep on growing. All these nice feelings invade us when we receive a comment from a customer; when we see the smile of someone who is part of Wormhole, or, like in this case, after being granted the "LMS Award 2015", which puts us within the 50 most successful companies in our field.