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If we dream about it, we can achieve it. Wormhole (the first Live Learning platform in the world) and Wingu (the non-profit association specialized in technology) have decided to join together to show you that our dream has come true and you are part of it: now, your NGO has the possibility to use a free Virtual Campus.

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Whether you are in a middle of a virtual or traditional class, re-reading material or attending a meeting, taking down notes is the best way to organize and process information to easily remember what has been learned. For that reason, today we give you 3 easy tips to do it in the best way.

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How many times have we been told at school, university and even in the newspapers that the Greek public square was the first trace of discussion, exchange and exposition of ideas and argumentative lines? Known as the Agora, they took major importance and became the place to gather together and discuss about topics.

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Finding a productive learning method is fundamental to fix knowledge in your memory when taking an exam or preparing yourself for an exposition and, even more, when you study at distance, because you are aware that the success of your training will depend on the good habits you have. For that reason, we give you these 3 tips to have more productive studying time.