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Pizarra virtual

After launching the new Wormhole virtual rooms, we keep on adding improvements and new functionalities suggested by our customers. In this last version, we have added the mouse pointer for the share desktop tool, so that presenters will be able to use the mouse as a pointer to enrich their explanations.

Pizarra virtual

Companies all around the world use their budgets allocated to training for different areas. Occupational risks lead the chart: 33% of the companies use Live Learning to train their employees on the dangers they are exposed to during working hours. Investment in prevention has proven to be much lesser than expenses related to work accidents.

Pizarra virtual

In online classes, the speaker could use the whiteboard to give visual support to his words, and also to give examples with videos or photos.

2º Ebook de Capacitación Empresarial

The Human Resources area represents a key sector in the company to achieve the business objective. The management of talents is essential to direct all the actions towards the same business purpose.