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Multiple-choice question is an evaluation method which arose at the onset of the 20th century and it was firstly implemented through a questionnaire designed to assess the abilities of World War I recruits.

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Fabio Boggino, Director of Jobing and specialist in Teleworking, visited us at our Wormhole offices in Argentina. Together with a huge virtual audience, and through our online education platform, he gave a speech on the free Webinar cycles organized by the company.

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The creative baseline of Wormhole Live Learning Platform new function is the need to learn how to learn on-line. It is not news that human beings were not born knowing how to study. We are aware that teaching is a social phenomenon that came up at a certain moment of history with a function and efficiency that is still being discussed and elaborated in line with the evolution of new technologies and communication channels.

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For centuries, the traditional educational system had determined the effectiveness of formative processes through a single metric: passing or failing, as the only evidence of progress in learning. Accordingly, a poor result, the product of a stressful day, determined if the individual was acquiring the knowledge the way the company or institution desired, or not.