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Pride, satisfaction and a huge desire to keep on growing. All these nice feelings invade us when we receive a comment from a customer; when we see the smile of someone who is part of Wormhole, or, like in this case, after being granted the "LMS Award 2015", which puts us within the 50 most successful companies in our field.

Jovenes Endeavor

The american NGO world renowned for recognizing and stimulating entrepeneurs from around the globe has selected the founding partners of Wormhole, after successfully overcoming the harsh evaluation and training required to be part of this top group of high-impact entrepeneurs.

Buenos Aires Emprende

Onapsis (winner of Buenos Aires Emprende 2009), Keepcon (winner of Buenos Aires Emprende 2008), and Wormhole (winner of Buenos Aires Emprende 2008) were recognized by Sadosky-CESSI Foundation, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Argentina Endeavor Foundation.

Reconocimiento Nacho

This last tuesday, october 30th, the local offices of the Massachusetts Technology Institute (MIT) hosted the TR35 awards ceremony, for the 10 innovators in science and technology under 35 selected in Argentina and Uruguay.