Wormhole Live Learning

Who are we?

We provide companies and institutions the simplest way to offer online classes and training

We are the creators of the first "Live Learning" platform in the market, focused on increasing and improving interaction between people to create the most effective virtual environments for distance learning.

We firmly believe that online education is much more than simply looking at static content on a website, that is why we provide the best products to manage educational programs, create virtual campuses and improve the teacher-student relation through live online classes, from any computer or mobile device. Our team works with passion, because we love technology and we believe that we can use it to change the world.

Nowadays thousands of companies, academic institutions and professional associations in over 10 countries use our platform to improve their education and training programs, saving time and money while increasing their reach.
We currently have presence in Spain, USA and Argentina, from where we lead our international expansion and work everyday with the mission to revolutionize the way in which people teach, learn and collaborate online.

The team

Our team is made up of professionals specializing in different areas of software design and development. They are trained in gauging the needs of every project. We work with passion because we love technology and believe we can use it to change the world. We integrate collaboration, technical skills, creativity and responsability to offer the best training solutions for our clients.

Everyday we strive to improve, because we like to learn and we like to teach. This passion is what makes us reach further around the world and what has made our solutions be used in over ten countries.

Worm Academy

Wormhole's training program

  • Worm apprentice
  • Worm trooper
  • Worm ninja
  • Worm knight
  • Worm master