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Our Live Learning platform allows you to offer distance training in real time, with excellent quality and live interaction. Save travelling costs while expanding the scope of your training.

What is Live Learning?

Live Learning is a new methodology of virtual education, which focuses on the interaction among participants. Innovative organizations that are aiming to increase their standards for training talents, salesforce and customers are implementing this methodology.

Live Learning Advantages

The platform's virtual classrooms are available 24/7, so instructors and participants can have fluid live interactions.

Train middle-ranking executives in soft skills, leadership techniques or to arrange team meetings.

Make live announcements for all members of your organization, no matter where they are.

More than 3.500.000 people a month in more than 10 countries, learn, teach and collaborate through Wormhole live learning platform.

  • “Apart from developing trainings in all the region simultaneously, we share experiences that, albeit different, are replicated in most countries.”
    fia Diego Cosentino General Director FIA Región IV
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  • “The most apparent benefit is the reduction of travel and accommodation costs, because they translate into an immediate decrease in costs.”
    pmc Laura Padretti Director of PMC PMC College and Consulting
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  • “We educate the community with the purpose of positioning ESET as a leader in computer security, raising people's awareness on the best practices for basic users and, up to now, we've achieved excellent results.”
    Eset Alejandro Salvatoris Training Manager Eset Latinoamerica
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  • “Design and implementation strategies for online classes and online courses”
    On these documents the reader will find useful techniques and tools to develop comprehensive courses through internet, live classes and massive presentations.
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  • “We offer courses and executive programs on digital marketing in Latin America, we've chosen Wormhole Campus and have enrollees in more than 15 different countries, which would be impossible without Live Learning.”
    OmLatam Lorena Amarante President OM Latam Academy

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