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Our platform is the simplest way for Companies, Educational Institutions and Professional Associations to offer online classes and training sessions without losing the quality of a live training.

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Live Learning, a new concept in e-learning. Available for computers, tablets and smartphones.
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Create and manage your
educational programs with

With a simple click you can have your own training center on the Internet. You can create and manage courses and distance learning paths, give live lessons, measure the progress of the participants and much more in an easy and effective way.

ESET in Latam has commercial channels in the whole region, from Mexico to Argentina. This is why it is very difficult to train all the channels. With Wormhole's live-learning platform, we can reach each of them tracking their progress on their career path.

Alejandro Salvatori Training Manager ESET Latinoamerica

Give lessons and live training

Offer live classes and training with Wormhole Classroom.

From your computer, phone or tablet you can broadcast live audio and video, project your documents, draw on a virtual whiteboard and record everything that happened. You do not need to download software or purchase special equipment, and it works even with bad internet connections.

"The main advantage is that they can see their teachers and their peers face to face, regardless of where in the country or the world they are. Participants enjoy a real time encounter and strengthen the ties between people living in distant cities"

Marta Libedinsky Magister of UBA in Teaching and Director Fundación Evolución

Broadcast live events

Broadcast events and presentations for hundreds of people, with high quality video, using Wormhole Auditorium..

Create your own webinars and live conferences, inviting hundreds of participants worldwide. The guests will access the event in a simple way through a secure link, from any computer, smartphone or tablet. They will receive high quality video. Not to miss any details.

Wormhole Auditorium was a huge change for our students that are assisting to our entry course and they are looking for a scholarship. Now, they can access to a better course and they have more chances to enter the School.

Alejandro Artopoulos Director San Andres Learning Lab

More than 100.000 people a month in 10 countries learn, teach and collaborate through Wormhole Live Learning Platform.

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