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What is the difference between event, module, course and career?
An event is a specific activity that usually occurs only once. A course consists of a set of modules, which are thematic units. A career is a set of courses.
When I create a course, what does it mean the course is visible?
If you select the course to be visible, users associated to the course will be able to see it in their list of courses and events.
When I create a course, what does the "Order" option mean?
The order refers to the position the course will have in the list. By default a new course is positioned at the end of the list.
When I create a course, what does the "Scheduled" option mean?
If you choose this option, the course will appear in the calendar of users associated to the course.
What does it mean that the course is "Public"?
If a course is "Public", the students will be able to take the course, without the need for the administrator to enroll them.
Can users enter the Virtual Classroom at any time?
Yes, the Virtual Classroom is active as long as the course is active. To disable it, go to the Course Settings and uncheck the option.
Can you share a file from the media library in other courses?
Yes, each file has a column of options, there you will find the option to copy the document to another course.
Can the students download the documents?
Every time you upload a document you have the option to select whether you want the document to be downloadable from the site or from the virtual classroom.
When you upload a document, what do the points mean?
The points are related to the document's importance. The more points you assign to it, the more important the document is to the course, and the student will achieve more progress percentage when he or she reads it.
Which type of documents can I upload?
You can upload any kind of document to your Campus. However, the student will only be able to preview Office documents, PDF files and web content directly in his/her browser.
How I can record the class of the Virtual Classroom?
To record a session, once inside the virtual classroom, you must click on the [REC] icon to start recording (you will see a red dot flashing on the icon). Click the same button again to stop recording.
What gets recorded when I hit the record button?
All audio and documents published on the whiteboard. Videos on the whiteboard or desktop sharing do not get recorded.
How do I share recordings with students?
The recordings are stored in the Media Library of each course.
When I create an exam, what does "order" mean?
It refers to the position the exam will appear in the exam's list. By default a new exam is positioned at the end of the list.
When I create an exam, what does "attemps" mean?
The number of attempts refers to the number of times a student can take a test.
When I create an exam, what does "Points" mean?
Each point is related to the importance that each exam has. Both the documents and exams are scored, the more important they are the more will increase the progress of the course.
Is it possible to create questions to develop?
For the moment, you can only create "multiple choice" or "fill-in-the-blanks" type of questions. This update is planned for future releases.
We are not using the forum, how can we remove it?
In the course configuration, you'll find the option to show or hide the forum. As a result, the forum tab will be available or it will disappear.
Events/Courses Report
List by the course's name, the number of modules of each course, the start and end date, the teachers associated, and the number of students.
Student´s activity per event/course report
List of users, their percentage of progress, if the student accessed the course, last access date, if he/she added topics or posts to the forum and the number of files downloaded.
Anwers by exam report
Inside each exam see the students who took it, their answer to each question, score, the date of the exam, the number of correct and incorrect answers and the number of attempts.
Exams results by course/event report
List by course, each exam revealing the name of the students who took it, along with their mail, mark, the date of examination, the number of correct and incorrect answers and the number of attempts.
Documents Report
List each document with the information on who uploaded it, on which date, who edited it and on which date it was edited.
Virtual room access report
List by user's name, the date of access to the virtual classroom, the kbps downstream and upstream, the roundtrip and whether or not he has a filter.
Virtual room survey report
Displays each user's answers given on the survey that is shown when they exit the virtual classroom.