Wormhole Live Learning

Wormhole Virtual Library

Wormhole presents a series of free e-books that will help readers to develop and implement their trainings by means of Live Learning courses.

Business Training

The e-books will give you a general overview on the importance of training the talents of your organization.

Business Training

A Strategic Investment

Why business training is important and what are the advantages of carrying them out through the Live Learning methodology, which offers the possibility of gathering the particular benefits of both distance education and traditional education together.

Business Training

Motivation: the key to successful training

The importance of motivation in training the talents of an organization, and which are the factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic, that have influence on employee's decision to undertake a training

Design and implementation strategies for online classes and online courses

This series of books gives the reader useful techniques and tools to develop complete courses through the Internet, online classes and massive presentations.

Design and implementation strategies

Online Courses

Fundación Evolución details the theoretical aspects of Live Learning courses and which are the best educational strategies and tools to succeed in your trainings.

Design and implementation strategies

Online Classes

The authors put forward recommendations to carry out interactive activities and teaching materials specifically designed for an online class.

Design and implementation strategies

Online events

It presents the necessary aspects for the development of events through the Internet, explaining the different types of events that may be carried out online as well as the best tools.