Wormhole Live Learning

Create your own continuous and agile training plan with Wormhole Campus

Our platform is the simplest way for companies, educational institutions and professional associations to offer online classes and training sessions without losing the quality of a live training.

Crea tu universidad online en 10 minutos y viví la experiencia del Live Learning.
  • Centralize your activities

    Evaluate the effectiveness of your training process and train your staff no matter where they are.

  • Exchange of experiences

    Vendors will be connected to each other without travelling. In the virtual classroom, they will share their experiences, doubts or comments.

  • Offer your online courses

    The sale of online courses will allow you to reduce travel, accommodation and logistics costs.

  • Intuitive and easy to use

    All your employees will start receiving online training immediately from any mobile device.

  • Self-manageable

    Administrators will be able to manage all training programs from a single place.

  • Reuse of content

    Without infrastructure costs and reusing available material, such as presentations, images, videos or web content.

  • Data protection

    With Wormhole Campus your company's data is protected by SSL Security. All your company's information will be protected.

  • Integration with your own systems

    Unify the data of the business training center with your company's data through API integration, keeping track of your employees' evolution.

  • Immediate availability

    Since it is entirely in the cloud, you can start training your company's staff right now with Wormhole Campus.

More than 3.500.000 people a month, in more than 10 countries, learn, teach and collaborate through Wormhole live learning platform.