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We know that today’s participants might be tomorrow’s teachers. Well, of course, we all have things to learn, and things to teach. Also, those who manage your Campus might also have the need to take courses, or maybe they are great teachers! So, this new feature allows users to hold multiple roles simultaneously.

Up to now it was only possible for users to operate with a single user role (trainee, trainer, administrator), both in a single suscription, or even across suscriptions. So, it was impossible for users to take a course in the same suscription they were administrator.

In this new version we've solved this. Now it is possible for a user to hold multiple simultaneous roles, so and administrator can, for example, take courses as a trainee, or teach a course as well.

Menu for changing views

How does it work?

To operate with each role we have different views:

  • Learn corresponds to the trainee role, where the user can access the courses he is taking.
  • Teach is the view where users can access the courses where they are enrolled as Trainers or Assistants. Administrator can change specific user permissions for each course.
  • Manage is the views for Admins, where they can perform al tasks related to managing their Campus.

If the user has only one rol, he will directly access to the one that belongs to this rol. But if he has multiple roles he will be able to switch between them depending of the tasks that he needs to perform. To change views users can use the dropdown menu at the top right if their screen (the one with their name).

How to asign roles

An administrator when creating a new user will directly choose the desired role, clicking on “create” and selecting from the menu: administrator, student, teacher or assistant. Then, the user roles can be changed from the Edit Roles button in a users profile page.

Also, to keep better track of user's progress we created two different sections in a user's profile. The Enrollment section will show all the courses a user is assigned to, with any role, so it will show both courses where he is enrolled as a Trainee as well as courses where he is enrolled as Trainer. The Academic history section will show all courses the user took as a Trainee, even those he is no longer enrolled at.

Our next step will be to add new user roles which will add new ways to delegate the management of your Campus. We believe this features bring more flexibility and new possibilities of using your Campus, hope you can take advantage of it!

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