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The creative baseline of Wormhole Live Learning Platform new function is the need to learn how to learn on-line. It is not news that human beings were not born knowing how to study. We are aware that teaching is a social phenomenon that came up at a certain moment of history with a function and efficiency that is still being discussed and elaborated in line with the evolution of new technologies and communication channels.

This means that we are in a constant process of learning how to learn and how to teach immersed in the most diverse knowledge contexts and areas. Why would it be different in the case of on-line education?

Web: Distraction Environment

The conflict with the Internet appears when we think about its effect on our brain and our life; the unbalanced contact with the Internet enables access to way more information than we can actually process, thus leading to a long list of different tasks that can only be performed superficially and in a selective way.

Let's imagine that our memory is a fishing vessel trying to catch in just one attempt the entire information of the ocean, called the Web. Very well, either we limit our attention to specific information at a specific moment or the vessel will certainly sink due to the excess. Several studies have proved this effect related to learning. Submerged in an environment of constant distraction and passiveness, students constantly lose the focus; although they are sailing in a sea of information, they are not capable of saving anything that can be turned into knowledge.

How do we learn?

Information is barely the raw material of the learning process, to be transformed into knowledge we must keep it in our memory for a certain time until it can be related within its context to other memories and experiences.

When we are on-line, using several tabs simultaneously, sites, videos, texts, chats, links, advertising, apps, working tools prevent the brain from working efficiently and it can only exchange one information for another without the necessary time to process it and focus its attention. Attention is the key linking “information” to “knowledge”.

Full Screen

Thinking in a way to promote the best on-line environment of focus and attention, we have implemented the function "Full Screen", with which users are able to eliminate distractions of the on-line environment, maximizing the content visualized and allowing just a single content to occupy the total screen of the computer or mobile device.

It is a new and conscious way of learning through the Internet, a necessary option to which every student should have access. Besides, it is an advance in terms of learning technology, because it has an extremely important cognitive role: it gives students back their power to pay attention and enables them to turn information into knowledge.

Learning is easier with the right tools.

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