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Despite the noticeable growth of online education, some people still think it is a mediocre training alternative, a last resource option. Why this false idea?

Unfortunately, many instructors of virtual courses invest little time in the adaptation of the content of their classes to the virtual environment, since they believe the students sign up in courses as a requirement of compulsory training programs of companies, or as a fast way to get a certificate, saving the effort that entails taking a course; or, in other cases, because they don't know that despite the course may be the same, virtual platforms require an education approach different from the traditional one. On the other hand, many times, students begin their classes thinking that the knowledge they will get won't be really useful for their professional future.

So, once more, like in all aspects of life, preconception limits our perception depriving us of the opportunity to know the advantages of online education. Actually, in this educational approach, like any other, success depends on the attitude taken during the training process.

Teachers are responsible for offering students a good academic experience. If only we could say goodbye to common resources used always in the same way, goodbye to low quality videos, poorly designed slides, webcam broadcasting boring and endless speeches from simple undesirable stages... there would be a difference.

Education should ignite the creativity and curiosity flame, should move people towards new directions, open their perspective, offer them new life alternatives and possibilities, provide them with tools, useful skills and a deep knowledge of their context, which allow them to generate changes in their individual and collective spheres.

The perception of virtual education is in the hands of teachers and content generators. Do you want online education to improve its reputation and get acceptance in the labor market? So, why don't you make your contribution? Why don't you break the paradigm from your performance and start marking the "after" of education? Customize the exercises for your students, give them individual feedback through private messages, show a real interest in their progress, take the time to chat with each one of them before starting classes and keep that contact throughout the course. In this way, you will be surprised at how motivated they will feel. It is better to invest more of your time, making sure that each of your students is learning something that will make a change in their careers, rather than having millions of students all around the world listening to a class just to comply with labor requirements. Quality is always better than quantity.

Let's rethink virtual education and focus on the individual development of our students, beyond technological tools. Quality education depends on the impact our content generates on the real life of people on the other side of the screen. Let's go more deeply into this and make a difference, LMS platforms are the tool, but your creativity and commitment set the limit.

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