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Times of crisis are usually inevitable and go far beyond our expectations, but our ability to definitely overcome it lies in a determinant factor: education.

What currently confuses organizations is the reproduction of the ancient ideological mistake linking economic growth to the level of productivity of the country, instead of with human development. And an even bigger mistake is to think that education is solely a responsibility of the State.

If fact, education is so important that it affects the growth of every nation exerting direct influence on productivity.

  • Education for adults

    Nations where people are more educated reach a long-term level of productivity. This way, for example, Germany has overcome its extreme misery and destruction after the World War II, becoming one of the greatest world economic powers.

    Similarly, Finland managed to overcome a long tradition of excessive exploitation of natural resources to turn into a country exporter of knowledge and technology. Why? Because it decided to not only invest in primary education, but also in adults' education. In 1980, around 1 million Finnish received some kind of training per year, and 40% of them did it for professional reasons.
  • Opportunity

    Crises are opportunities to open our eyes to see what really matters! When there are less job positions, companies realize that they need better prepared professionals, because trained workers can do more and better.

    The economic scenario of crisis does not only concern business men, as a result of a decrease in profits, but also workers, because of the lack of job security. However, this situation can be used to make them feel eager to stand out in the company by undertaking trainings.

Everything said shows how important talent management is for economic growth. So, why don't you invest in the human capital of your company?

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