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We know that Generation Y, better known as Millennials, was born and consolidated as the first one integrally formed in the digital era, but do we really understand what this relationship with new technologies means when it comes to learning?

Millennials love to participate in online social environments, they understand learning as a full-time process and deem work as another area of their life which offers them personal fullness.

Considering this scenario, you must be wondering: How can I produce content capable of keeping the millennial audience inspired and committed to online courses?

  • 1. Give them a reason to learn.

    Firstly, new generations need a reason to make things, a motive to drive their actions, as this is the only way they can connect with what you are trying to tell them. Therefore, if you want them to actively participate in your trainings, show them that what you are trying to teach them will be important and useful in their life.
  • 2. Encourage them to share the progress of their trainings in social networks.

    Besides incorporating platforms to which they already feel identified, linking social networks to your content is an excellent way to add social interaction to your courses experience. Encourage your students to create discussion forums on LinkedIn or Facebook to deeply explore different subjects for your courses and make them investigate about notes and projects related to your content. Above all, help them understand that social networks are also a tool to make their works visible.
  • 3. Offer them interesting, concise and interactive content.

    In most cases, Millennials do not invest many hours straight in a single activity as they get more distracted. Thus, it is essential that you create modules with content that can be read in a few minutes, so that you can provide them information they can retain and avoid overloading them with content they will not properly appreciate.

Before starting your courses, regardless of the generation of your students, it is very important that you make a research about your audience to adapt the content to the Live Learning format in the best way possible and deliver your students knowledge adapted to their needs!

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