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Professionals over technological background

Who has ever felt surprised when discovering younger and younger people taking over the hardest fought jobs of the company, or even replacing the oldest employees with renowned academic education and experience in the market? Have you ever wondered why this is happening?

In a technological and connected world, acquiring knowledge is not a problem anymore; hence the professional of the future is not the one who knows the most, but the one who is constantly learning.

  • The future is now
  • The worlds pictured by Spielberg in his science fiction movies are not a distant possibility any more. Technology has made many worlds possible, in the streets, in means of transport, in the houses and at work. The democratization of technology is a reality and it brought democratization of knowledge as well.

    So, having an academic privileged education is not a discriminatory element in the market anymore.

    In this context, a professional of the future is the one who is not happy with his own level of knowledge, no matter how high it is; it is the one who uses technology to keep on adding a grain of sand for the world to keep on growing. The professional of the future is like the humble philosopher idealized by Plato, who understood that everything he knew was never enough, and that continual learning was the key for improvement.

  • More competences, less repertoire
  • The continual learning strategy brings more light to a diagnosis highly common nowadays: having a great repertoire of knowledge without knowing how to apply it is completely useless.

    In this sense, Live Learning is conquering more and more space in corporate training. Enabling constant access and a fine tuning with technology stimulates constant learning during professional performance at work. It is a continual and dynamic method that goes with the fast transformation the world is going through.

    The professional of the future can be in your company, you just have to follow market tendencies and stimulate this change of behavior, promoting more and more trainings among your employees.

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