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They are an important pedagogical tool for your virtual classes, but if you don't use them adequately, they can be spoilt. To achieve a dynamic class, today we tell you about the 3 elements that virtual forums can give your online trainings:

  • Encourage student's active participation:

    Through forums, students create discussion topics about the classes’ content and share materials and productions of their own with the other participants. Thus, the instructor acts as a mediator during discussions with comments and questions to generate, little by little, an environment where complex thinking is developed constructively.
  • Favor the backfeed learning:

    Discussions in virtual evidence if the students are responding as expected. Faced with this, instructors have two options: Ask themselves if their information has been given as clear as possible or ask the students how they have reached to their conclusions. This is called backfeed mediation and brings about excellent results, because, sometimes, some students do not solve problems as expected, but find another way to figure them out that may be brilliant or creative.
  • Foster learning:

    Virtual forums are a way to know your students, to create a strategy for them to know themselves and have differences among them. With questions such as "how have you reached that conclusion?” you will be able to understand what, how and why your students think instead of guessing that their minds work the same way as yours. And the same for them. If we all learn the same way, education will never be a discussion topic, but the reality is that each person has their own point of view, their own experience of integration with the world and, thus, their own cognitive processes.

Virtual forums are a tool deeply thought on the learning experience. To use them to the maximum is also to stimulate the success of your virtual classes.

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