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The existence and evolution of virtual education are the clearest evidence that it is possible to use technology on a constructive basis. By means of this method, quality education increases its scope reaching everyone, no matter where they are.

In a country as big as Brazil, for example, where capital cities concentrate educational centers, many people drop their studies and abandon their professional goals. But during the last years, in spite of the old fear of some educators about the quality and efficiency of virtual education, this situation has been reverted.

In Brazil, students who graduate at distance are constantly evaluated by the ENADE (National Exam for the Assessment of Student Performance) and the results are encouraging. Besides, distance courses must always offer certificates approved by the MEC (Ministry of Education), which guarantees their quality, to the extent that the information about the modality of the course (virtual or on-site) does not longer appear on the title.

History proves that distance education has existed for 50 years, but now, instead of taking courses by mail, cassettes or TV, students only need to have a computer with good Internet connection. You don't need to be a computing expert to access this education alternative, but to know how to perform simple tasks such as turn a computer on, connect to the Internet, have basic Office knowledge and access YouTube or the main social networks.

If you like the idea, you'll be glad to hear that in Wormhole, through the concept of Live Learning, we work daily to simplify even more online interaction and make virtual learning available to you.

Undoubtedly, technology is improving education and resisting this change means not being part of an irreversible constructive process.

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