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Finding a productive learning method is fundamental to fix knowledge in your memory when taking an exam or preparing yourself for an exposition and, even more, when you study at distance, because you are aware that the success of your training will depend on the good habits you have. For that reason, we give you these 3 tips to have more productive studying time.

  • 1. Pay attention in class and take good notes
    You will be amazed at how easy it is to set the pace of your preparation, if you have a good guide of topics and concepts by means of your notes. The contents will be more familiar than if you start all over again. If you have trouble paying attention, find a nice and quiet place to take your online classes, focus and write down in good calligraphy so that you can understand it later.
  • 2. Organize your studying time
    When you take your time to set your studying hours you can plan how to cover the total contents of the course separately. Remember that quietly studying some hours a day, resting every 45 minutes, is more efficient than working all together in a single moment.
  • 3. Sleep well
    Your brain uses sleeping hours to fix the contents learned, can you believe that? That is why it is really important to use the night before your commitment to rest. You will be amazed at how fresh you feel the next day.

We know that each head is a world, but incorporating these tips will help you to discover, little by little, your own way to study better. To incorporate new habits, experts recommend to repeat the action 21 days in a row, so let's get down to work. Remember: you set the limit!

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