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Interacción en vivo y educación a distancia

Debate is one of the main pedagogical tools for on-site education since by means of it, teachers foster critical thinking, decision making and skills for the students' oral expression. Live Learning recognizes the importance of this face-to-face exchange, so parts of its innovation lies in the incorporation of virtual classrooms for live interaction through LMS platforms.

With this progress, virtual education goes beyond the mere presentation of an online content catalog fostering, through the exploration of new technologies, a dynamic learning experience which provides a real increase of knowledge. Besides, with the possibility to access online debates, those who are part of distance training:

  • Develop an active relationship with the content of their courses since participation in debates demands deep knowledge of the topics.
  • Train in an atmosphere of tolerance in which attentive listening to others' opinions is promoted.
  • Strengthen their self-esteem and capability to make bonds while exposing points of view in front of students from different parts of the world.

By actively participating in virtual learning environments you will be able to develop great skills that will allow you to successfully achieve your working future!

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