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Successful entrepreneur

What we like the most about him is his passion for Wormhole. Not only have we noticed this, but also the great number of technological industries that usually invite Maxi as speaker at their events to talk about the challenges of starting a business in this area and highlighting the value of the new educational technologies. During an interview, he gave us 5 tips to turn into a successful entrepreneur.

  • 1. Turn stubbornness into the drive you need to follow your dreams. Never accept a "no" for an answer, don't let any situation limit your expectations. A true entrepreneur understands that failure is part of the way to success, thus you always have to keep on working to reach your goal.
  • 2. Be obsessed with the results. Devote yourself to your project, don't procrastinate. A committed entrepreneur has the need to solve the greatest amount of things possible day by day.
  • 3. Promote autonomy among the members of your group. A successful company is one that manages itself and not only functions with the hand of its founders. Identify the talent of your co-workers and motivate them.
  • 4. Be a fan of perfection. When you look for perfection, you constantly worry about finding new solutions for your customer's needs and manage to make your product better and better.
  • 5. Don't lose your focus. Beyond the daily needs of your customers, a successful entrepreneur does not lose his or her sight. Such entrepreneur has the capacity to isolate from the current state of your company to make decisions aimed at reaching the final goal.

Maxi Menasches is Wormhole Co-Founder and CRO; he is also part of Endeavor entrepreneurs and Wayra mentor (Telefónica) to Tech Startups.

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