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You already had us in your mobile devices, and now you can make use of us wherever you go, whenever you wish.

Yes, we have upgraded our Wormhole app, and now you have a new virtual room login and information screen. Getting out the screen is no longer necessary, since now you can read the information, log in and surf your virtual room from the app.

Besides, once you enter your room, you will see it customized as when you enter from your computer.

Lastly, we have been working on language. The mobile device will take the language you use by default and make all the necessary changes so that you can surf the app using the same language. When you enter the room, you will only see changes if the class has been set in a different language. Remember that our platform is in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

We keep on developing and, in this opportunity, we give you the best changes so that your experience is increasingly pleasant.

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