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Keys for corporate Live Learning Growth

Innovate to learn. Understand to pass on new knowledge. Both premises make their room among the corporate management sector and push companies to train their employees. Nowadays, the main challenge of medium and large-sized enterprises is training the areas of Human Resources, Business, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Why do they choose to do it through Live Learning?

  • It eliminates the barrier of time and distance.
  • It connects users wherever they are.
  • The cost of training each employee is significantly low.
  • There are neither accommodation and travelling costs nor travel insurances.
  • It adds value through "customer services".
  • Very low bandwidth. Mobile phones work on 3G.
  • The certification process adds value to customer's CV.

Competitiveness is the driving force of the company. Live Learning, as a reference of online education, is the fuel that boosts and gives credibility to the action plan of all companies. Being competitive is a choice of each company, area and employee.

As the great Alberta Flanders used to say "Sometimes only a change of viewpoint is needed to convert a tiresome duty into an interesting opportunity." Then, Live Learning appears to place itself in this new paradigm of corporate education.

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