Wormhole Live Learning
New Version 2013

2013 has brought some news to communicate to our clients: a new version of our web videoconference platform bearing new features, functionality improvements and fixes to some issues detected on the previous version.

As we usually say, our main aim is to fulfill our client’s needs, therefore we put our best in improving what is suggested and recommended.

And now, ladies and gents, the new Wormhole Live Learning 5.6 new features:

  • A new infrastructure has been implemented to make the recording processing faster and efficient, cutting down 10 times the waiting time to obtain them.
  • A new infrastructure has been implemented in Brazil, which will allow new local customers to enhance their performance and experience with WWC.
  • To flip pages on a document being visualized on the interactive board you will no longer need a mouse, instead you can now flip pages with the keyboard arrows.
  • Once a participant clicks on the hand icon to ask for the floor, the button will remain locked so that it cannot be pressed repeatedly. The floor will be granted when the speakers consider it appropriate.
  • Every time a participant, figuratively, raises his/her hand (i.e. clicks on the corresponding icon), the alert message asking for the floor will be sent only to the speakers. Thus, we prevent participants from getting saturated by a great amount of unnecessary messages.
  • PDF documents support with new formats has been improved.
  • An occasional bug in private chats has been fixed, which made some of the participants not receive messages properly.

We expect to have many other improvements throughout the year and keep on launching different versions with further improvements.

We are in constant effort to simplify the experience on the platform to make it as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Hence all users’ suggestions are always welcomed as we consider them essential. Keep on making them.

Many thanks!