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Mercado Pago

In this new version we are presenting today we have added two very significant changes, which were requested quite often by our users.

We added integration with MercadoPago Argentina as an alternative payment method for courses and careers.Using this method allows users to pay with local Argentine currency, Pesos, as well as with credit cards, Pago Fácil, Rapipago, Provincia Pagos, Banelco o RedLink. We also updated our user interface to include this new payment method and added the possibility to choose the currency.

Another feature we added is the possibility to enable creativities between different courses within the same career. This means that courses can be in a certain order, to advance in the career one must complete the first course to move on to the second one and so on. This alsoincludes an update to the interface required for the feature to function correctly.

Beyond this two new big features we also made some minor changes. We overhauled the password recovery screenswhich now occur in a much nicer lightbox window. Users who lose their passwords can obtain a new one through their email, and enter a new one when the log in with the auto-generated password.

We hope this new features are useful for you and get to enjoy them soon. As always, your comments and feedback help us improve, so keep them coming!

Thanks a lot!