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Wormhole Campus gets a big overhaul!

Not long ago we shared with you a new version of our Campus, but since we never take a break, we already have new features to share. We thank all the users who send us their feedback: your suggestions and support are very important for us to improve our platform constantly.

he most important feature of this version is the new "Course catalog" which enables administrator to sell courses straight from the Wormhole Campus platform. They will now have the possibility to select certain courses, making them public and assigning them a price tag. Thus, students will be able to assign themselves to those courses on their own, without the need for someone to handle assignations manually. If these courses are not free, then the assignation will happen after the students have made the necessary payments through Paypal.

This is not all we have changed. There are some other new features worth mentioning:

  • The homepage has been redesigned, to make it not only more attractive but also more intuitive.
  • The news and the registration screens have also been improved.
  • Courses can now have an image to identify them, thus improving their description and visibility.

We also improved some other minor things, yet worth mentioning:

  • When creating a trial account, the name of this account will be the name of the institution for which the trial is being created, not for Wormhole.
  • The general configuration screen was modified to offer an improved experience and usabilty.
  • The welcome email for the platform now includes the possibility of suscription.

We hope you enjoy all these new features and improvements that our Campus can now offer, and that you keep bringing your comments and suggestions.

Thank you very much!