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Inclusion RSS

At Wormhole we are constantly working to improve our service, to solve problems and add new features that help our users get a better performance and service.

This new version that we are releasing today adds a feature that allows news articles to be loaded automatically by creating subscriptions to RSS services. This content will be shown together with hand-written articles, and will be updated daily. We also took the chance to improve the design for the news page which was looking outdated.

We also changed the way the contact links work. Now, the contact link at the footer of the page leads to the administrator's email for the current subscription. This will make it easier for users to access help or support when needed.

And last, but not least, we added a feature that allows users to check the results for each time they take an exam. They can look at the exam and the grade. This search can be done by filtering with different parameters: email, course id, or date range

We hope you enjoy these new features, thank you!