Wormhole Live Learning

As you all know, we have been working on improving our e-learning platform since february. In these almost ten months of work we have changed the look and feel and added more and more features, as well as improving the old ones, all based on the requests of our users.

As we hold the idea that there is always room for improvement, we kept going and added a new series of improvements on our Wormhole Campus which we would like to share this with you:

Customization of the login banner, in all languages

This used to be a static image which could only be modified manually. Now we have added the options to allow users to customize this image and use one that goes along with their organization.

We added a "Careers" feature

This features allows courses, which have no start or end dates, to be grouped as a career. Student can sign up and use careers just as they would courses. This option is now active by default, but can be disabled if necessary.

Progress indicator on courses

This tool allows users to see easily their progress on a course or career. Right on the home page, on the course listing, students can see the percentage they have advanced on each course. Teachers can also take a quick look at the progress of theirs students in the list of enrollees of each course.


The percentage is obtained from the points that teachers can configure on each content or exam of a course. That means that when a student downloads contents, or takes an exam he is awarded an amount of points, which is then used to calculate his progress. As usual, this whole feature can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.

Finished courses:

When a course is finished and the progress indicator is at 100%, the course will automatically be moved to the "finished courses" area, where the course can still be accessed for future reference.


Automatic certificate generation

This year we added a feature that allowed certificates to be sent by email to students who finished a course, but these certificates had to be generated manually by the teacher. Now, once a student finishes a course, a certificate will be automatically generated. Yes, it can also be enabled or disabled by administrators.