Wormhole Live Learning
Version Lms 5.5.2

This new version which you’ll be enjoying from now on, presents some design tweaks for the exams page which makes it more friendly and intuitive. While students are taking an exam they could see the remaining time for the exam, but on the top of the page. Now, that time counter follows you around so it is always visible, and it also displays the number of questions answered.

Also coming out in this version are other improvements requested by our customers:

  • When buying courses from the catalog users see a nice popup window with information on the course, we added some more information that users requested, specifically, start and end date as well as the time of day
  • We changed some settings for the document viewer so that files adjust better to the screen width.
  • We added a new field on the exams report, so that admins and teachers can see the attempts made by the students at each exam.

We hope you like and enjoy these new features. Keep sending suggestions and ideas, we love making our products better and your experience more enjoyable.