Wormhole Live Learning
Campus nueva version

We wanted to notify all users of out e-learning platform that the new version, 5.1 is currently online and operational, with some new features and improvements. You can start using them right now!

The most substantial change is about a new option that allows modules within a course to be correlative. This means that students must complete a module in order to advance to the next one. This way the structure of the course must be respected: Once a module is complete the next one will "unlock". For a module to be considered complete all the contents belonging to that module must have been viewed and all exams must have been passed. If these requirements are not met, students will see a message informing them that they cannot continue.

Another new feature, somwhat related to the previous one, is a new option that allows system notifications after certain activities have been completed. Those of you who use Wormhole Campus know that within the modules of a course you can load 'web content'. These contents are usually games or interactive exercises, which were not required to be completed in order to advance to the next module. Simply opening them was enough. That has changed. This new feature allows the teacher or administrator of the module to indicate if the content has been completed and, only then, the student is allowed to carry on with the next module.

We also added a confirmation message when deleting a document from the media library, so as to validate the action and avoid accidental deletions. Another minor change has been on the page titles. They have been changed to include the customized name of your organization followed by the name of the section the user is currently at.

We hope you enjoy these features and remember that all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!