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Wormhole se asocia con Vivo en Brasil

Wormhole announced today a partnership agreement with Vivo, a leader provider of telephony, TV and Internet that operates all over Brazil.

With this agreement the company, creator of the most used and awarded web conferencing platform in Latin America, will offer Wormhole Web Conference, to more than one million small and medium companies under the brand “Videoconfêrencia Web da Vivo”

This agreement is based on a long term vision shared by both companies about the importance of value added services to help SMBs become more competitive and productive.

“Nowadays more and more companies are relying on their service providers to adopt new and innovative tools to their everyday work-life”,

commented Maximiliano Menasches, co-founder and Sales Director of Wormhole.

Wormhole's arrival in Brazil is part of the company's regional expansion process through partnerhips that started recently when Wormhole was included into Telefonica´s offering in Argentina and other countries in Latin America. This partnership allowed Wormhole to reach 350.000 potential new customers, increasing the company’s growth by 30% in the last year.

Wormhole’s mission is to revolutionize the way in which people work, learn and collaborate over the Internet around the world.

“We want to empower our customers with new technologies to make every-day collaboration and communication in their work environment easier and more affordable. Our products are helping professionals, companies, educative institutions and government agencies to save money and time by allowing them to conduct online meetings, presentations and events with just one click from any computer, without any special hardware nor software to download.”

shared Ignacio Lopez, Wormhole’s CTO.

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Wormhole Classrooom and Auditorium are the easiest and most affordable way for companies to host web meetings, training sessions and events without loosing that touch that makes personal interaction so compelling. Web Conferencing usage in business environments is becoming an evident trend, allowing companies to save more than 50% of their travel-related expenses.

“Any Internet user can start using our web conferencing rooms in their own language without worrying about downloading and installing any software, or getting expensive and complex videoconferencing equipments for their rooms. It’s easy, fast, and performs extremely well even in places where Internet bandwidth is poor”,

explains Sally Buberman, Wormhole’s co-founder and Product Director.

During 2011, the usage of web conferencing tools grew in Latin America more than 300%, and this numbers are expected to increase exponentially in the next few years.

“Web Conferencing for business is here to stay, as companies are realizing that it is the best way to host distance meetings, training sessions, sales presentations and more”,

stated Maximiliano Menasches.