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Live Learning

This term, globally coined by increasingly more people, refers to the possibility of taking courses and training without attending rigorously to classes, anywhere at any time.

Speaking about “live-learning” implies taking the traditional e-learning model a step forward. This new methodology provides high quality education at far more affordable costs, as it trims commuting and time costs. Furthermore, it is based on new technologies which allow multitasking.

As Ignacio López puts it:

“It was some time ago that the Social Learning was supposed to be the future and nowadays it is already reality, actually the future of e-learning will be set in a scenario merging games and learning. New generations will be more enthusiastic about the fact of studying through a more amusing and recreational environment. However, it is necessary to have some specific features clear in order to get the most out of new methodologies”.

He also adds that currently:

“there is a unique possibility to democratize knowledge and this allows everyone to have the same opportunities when it comes down to learning and teaching. It also focuses on the relationship among people that enrich themselves by sharing experiences, ideas and knowledge in the same way they would do inside a classroom”

But, how can we manage to learn without distractions with the virtual classroom methodology?:

  • Be in a comfortable place, well-lit and where interruptions can be avoided (the closest to a real classroom).
  • Ideally, talks and classes should not be longer than 2 hours and they should have a 10 or 15-minute break in order to leave the computer for a while, give your eyes a break and relax
  • Participate in classes through audio and video. It has been widely proved that the relationship among people and the interaction teacher-student, student-student, is highly enriching throughout the learning process.

In other words and in lines with Ignacio López’ thoughts, the idea is to make communication “agile, fast, with an instant response, with the possibility of seeing one another’s faces and from anywhere in the world without the need of traveling around”.