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Major renewal for Wormhole Campus and launching full recording

We start 2014 with great news of our products: we are introducing a major renewal of Wormhole Campus and full recording of online classes on Wormhole Classroom and Wormhole Auditorium.
Next Monday January 6th Wormhole Campus will be updated to the newest version. Based on feedback from our customers, we have made many changes:

Wormhole Campus 7.0

  • New look: modern, intuitive, faster and easier to use.
  • Improved administrator and teacher experience with shortcuts to the most used features.
  • The new Wormhole Campus is responsive, adapting to different screen resolutions.
  • New instructive tour to help set up and customize you Campus.
  • Bigger banners to let you customize your Campus with your own images.

During this year we will be introducing new features for administrator, teacher and student profiles.

Full recording

Also, we launched the Full Recording. Now you will not only be able to record audio and documents projected during the class, but now the recording includes:

  • Videos y documents projected
  • Desktop sharing
  • Strokes on documents or videos
  • Audio y video from speakers
Screenshot full recording

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