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Teleworking is currently considered as an exclusive benefit provided by technology companies. Likewise, little by little, it is winning followers from other markets, who are leaning towards this tendency.

Currently, only 33% of workers have available the option of adopting a home office as a work alternative, and from the 67% that does not have this benefit, 89% would like to have the possibility of adopting this modality.

These are the main reasons for this decision:

  • The motivation generated by it due to the simple fact of staying at home. This increases employee commitment towards their tasks.

  • According to a study carried out at the Stanford University, employees under this modality are a 13% more productive than their colleagues working in an office. This is due to the fact that they can manage their time more effectively by having more freedom with more flexible times.

  • 50% of teleworkers are more satisfied with their quality of life, and show 50% less occupational burnout.

  • Teleworking allows to optimize time, and it generates less stress, as it allows for distraction times throughout the day that are related to domestic or personal matters.

There is no doubt that, when years pass, this tendency is going to grow strong in all countries throughout the world, and all workers will be able to enjoy its benefits.

Source: iprofesional.com

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