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How to make online meetings and training effective?

The telework boom has made many meetings and classes no longer presential as we were used to, but they have now migrated to the digital format.

Cost-trimming was one of the main reasons which fueled the growth and booming of this modality. We are just a click away from communicating with whoever we want, anywhere in the world, there is no need to travel or to leave home to get together or study. All you need is an internet connection.

We want to share some must do’s to bear in mind when performing a web video conference.

  • It’s essential not to multitask when taking part in an online meeting or class. We generally tend to believe, as we are at home, that if we multitask simultaneously nobody would tell. This is far from truth. The person on the other end may very well notice this and you will get yourself in an uncomfortable situation. You have to be focused on the meeting, as if the other person was sitting right in front of you. Cell phone use should also be avoided as it is one of the main factors of distraction.
  • During the virtual meeting, third persons shouldn’t turn up either. It is commonplace, since you are at home, that someone else may show up in the place you are. Interruptions from pets, children, husband or wife should also be avoided.
  • Always remember that to ensure success, the internet connection should be stable. Avoid running many programs which may take up bandwidth simultaneously in order not to affect communication and the focus.
  • You should also mind anything that may go in the camera. Nothing on the background should distract the person on the other end. What is best is to tidy up the place and go for plain walls. Lighting is also important, if there is only a dim light and you cannot see the participants well, the webcam becomes useless.
  • Another vital factor is to avoid annoying noises which may interfere with the communication because not only do they cause disruptions but they also generate discomfort or the inability for the participants to understand one another.
  • It is crucial to perform check-ups on audio and video capabilities prior to logging on the meeting or training since they are actually the engine behind online activities and you don’t want to waste time because of them. If possible, we recommend performing some previous check-ups on the system to get the hang of it and confirm you are ready for online activity.
  • All the material you may need for the meeting or training must be handy. It is even better if you can preload all the information and documents you will need for the session to save time and profit the most from your activity.
  • Once the meeting is over, make a summary of it and send it through e-mail or resort to the session recordings. Point out the important topics which were covered or learnt and highlight the pending subjects for your next session.

Having all these tips in mind will help you make your sessions increasingly more useful and fun and you will make the most of every second you go online.

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