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We thank OhLala Magazine for recommending our services in this article about e-learning:

Web-based courses are getting firmly installed and they gather more and more adepts. What is E-Learning all about?

Thanks to the web and the new technologies the ways of teaching and learning are evolving. "It's on YouTube" is, probably, one of the phrases that we hear most often in tipical conversation. It has become a custom to "google it" to get information about any topic through forums, video tutorials, websites, images and graphics. Why? It's practical, quick, simple, entertaining and more!

Because of this mass use of information, e-learnig in getting settled strongly and keeps gaining followers. Real time tutoring, digital platforms, more and more advanced, and online services for students are some of the tools, born in the web itself, which revolutionized the learning environment, 2012 was important.

Many initiatives and startups related to online education have began to yield results. Among them Coursera.org, one of the startups that strives to develop massive online courses and offers some of the best contents, with classes of more than 50.000 students, supported and tought by teachers from renowned universities worldwide. Something important: Totally free and anyone can register.

Why does it work?

Its entertaining and easy to learn: in a few minutes our brain absorbs multiple contents. There are many ways to aquire knowledge, however the visual and auditive plays a fundamental role. For e-learning multiple methods are combined: printouts, videos, games, forums, interaction with other students and teamwork.

Its flexible: You handle you own time depending on your needs. Using an online platform you can access all the contents of the course, and follow a subject or another without a given order. This is an asynchronous model. Nevertheless, there are synchronous courses as well, where the communication between teachers and students are on real time.

You get connected with people and institutions around the world: Companies, Universities and teachers join in this new tipo of learning, giving you an opportunity to join their classes and talk with them. For example, renowned universities such as Harvard or the MIT offer online courses totally free.

No need to leave the house: Traffic jams and daily routines sometimes prevent us from taking classes. When you take on online class you only need to power up your computer, get online and feel like learning.

Save money: Many of the online learning institutions have high-quality -yet totally free- courses.

At work

Wormhole: if your job implies relating with people abroad, you can save time and money on travel, without loosing the closeness of the live encounter. This company offers on online platform which enables you to easily set up a virtual room for classes, webconferencing o training. Using forums, messaging, chatrooms, an online whiteboard and shared desktop you can communicate very easily.

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