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Websites that improve user's lifestyle

Several websites have featured the top 5 online services which, with the growth of the internet, have contributed to improve daily rutine for users by offering very efficient tools to keep in touch anywhere and everywhere.

The web has three main characteristics:

  • Ease of access is key, it allows users to be communicated despite their geographical location. It is the cheapest way of communication (it can even be free). It allows communications to reach millions around the world, it does not matter where they are.
  • Internet today is present always as a source of information and very important for decission making. What to buy, where, what to read, where to study and many other examples illustrate this, and they are all just a click away.
  • All these services available on the web are not only for personal use, but also for companies. Some websites offer, in addition to their basic services, more advanced tools that make daily rutine of businesses be quite easier as well.

The are the five websites selected for making life easier for their users:


Wormhole: It is the most awarded, and most used, web conferencing platform of Latin America. It is a professional tool used for meeting, training, broadcasting events and other web communications, no matter the distance. It works 100% online and it allows to make a press conference, a business meeting or a training session anywhere in the world without altering the traditional dynamic. The costs for this service start at U$S20 per month and are flat-rated meaning that there is no limit to the amount of events that can be held. Today Wormhole has over 60.000 registered users in over 10 countries.

The other four featured services are: Aula365, Safer Taxi, OmbuShop and Alamaula

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