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Ignacio López, Co-Founder and Director of Technology of Wormhole, has been selected by TR35 and MIT Technology Review as one of the young innovators under 35, who are emerging as leaders of future technologies.

The Masachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, has as it's main mision to advance the development of knowledge and educate it's students, both in science and in technology, so they can improve the world in the XXI century. This has provided high recognition worldwide from the academic and intellectual communities. Technology Review.es is the spanish edition of Technology Review, an independent media comunication company belonging to the Masachusetts Institute of Technology. Its goal is to promote the knowledge of emerging technologies and analyze it's commercial, political and social implications.

This year they launched local versions of this renowned worldwide competition and one of the ten representatives selected for Argentina and Uruguay was Ignacio López-of Wormhole- at only 30 years of age. The competition will continue then at a global level which has previously recognized figures like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Larry Page or Sergey Brin of Google.

In this way, the Technology Review in Spanish by MIT awards ten innovators under 35 for their efforts to face important problems in a transforming way. In the case of Ignacio López he was selected because of his work as one of the founders of Wormhole in the development of a webconference solution for areas with low bandwidth:

“I never liked technology innovation just for innovation's sake. I'm obssesed to leverage my knowledge to solve serious problems of the real world”.

ensures López.

For Jorge Aguado, director of the Comprehensive Digital Education Plan of the Ministry of Education in Argentina, and member of the jury in the TR35 prizes of Argentina and Uruguay the innovation of López is interesting

“From the point of view of the high availability of existing technologies” and because it “reduces the minimum requirements needed to deploy a network of virtual classrooms”.

Wormhole, the company responsable for the most award-winning and most used webconference and web education platforms in Latin America provides Wormhole, a professional tool designed to establish communications, training sessions, meetings or event broadcasting, no matter the distance. It works 100% in the cloud and it makes it possible to take a press conference, a bussiness meeting or training session anywhere in the world without changing the traditional dynamic.

According to López, the main actors of the webconference sector -like Cisco Webex, Citrix GoToMeeting or BlackBoard- do not offer adequate products for the emerging markets, since they require high bandwidth, they are expensive and hard to use, they are avalable in english only, and require the instalation of additional software. You also need an international credit card or online system to buy them.

Furthermore, free systems like Skype or Google+ Hangouts need high bandwidth, the do not provide technical support and are simply not the same as

“Having a virtual classroom where two or more professors give class for 50 students, they work together in the virtual whiteboard and can make inquiries using audio and video”, as his company's system does offer. Their system works “just clicking on the link and practically on any computer”. In less that 30 seconds the attendees can see and hear teachers providing a training session, and start interacting with them. “The low bandwidth consumption also cuts costs and thus allows these products to enter the market for a third or less than the price of the leading products in the U.S.”,

ensures López.

More about Wormhole: Advantages available with online video conference:

  • Limited Use A number of sessions can be performed that the user needs 24 hours a day
  • Vicinity Share audio, video, virtual board, public or private chat, documents and a work area, like a presence meeting without moving from their office.
  • Privacy Public or private meetings can be organized with an access code.
  • Easy Adaptation The interface can be customized with the visual identity of the company.
  • Big Capacity It enables access to multiple webcams and simultaneous participants.
  • Collaboration It shares the user computer screen live with all other participants in the meeting room.
  • Visibility The users of Wormhole Auditorium could share in full screen mode with video of what is happening.
  • Simplicity All is needed is a broadband connection and a web browser.
  • RecordingVirtual meetings can be recorded to review them at a later time.

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