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Wormhole elegida por alaMaula.com

The free online classifieds eBay company in the region, alaMaula, has chosen Wormhole Web Conference for its communications with the media across Latin America and plans to use the tool to connect with entrepreneurs and strategic partners.

Wormhole is the company that created the most popular and award-winning video conference and web education platform in Latin America,Wormhole. This professional tool can be used for communications, trainings and meetings or to broadcast live events to locations around the globe. It is a fully online solution that allows a press conference, corporate meeting or training center to be taken across the world without altering the usual dynamics of such encounters.

“We have used the virtual press conference service and had very good results in terms of the scope and quality of the service. We also plan to use the product for talks with entrepreneurs and meetings with strategic partners based in other cities and countries,"

says Noriega.

Since this online tool has become an affordable and everyday resource, Wormhole offers its videoconference service for a wide range of uses: everything from interviewing candidates for a job to catalogues sales of cosmetics.

Wormhole's current mission is to:

“Revolutionize the way people work, learn and collaborate around the world. We want to provide our users with the very best way to communicate and share information while our company becomes the standard for online conference solutions in emerging markets. Our products are helping professionals, companies, educational institutions and government agencies to save time and money by meeting, training and coming together online on any computer with an Internet connection,"

explains Ignacio López, partner and Technology Director at Wormhole.

"AlaMaula has always strived towards innovation and this methodology fits perfectly with that goal. Wormhole has allowed us to reach countries like Uruguay and Chile, optimizing resources and bringing people together. This product has been very useful and it helped us make contact with the press to announce our first anniversary with eBay. It has helped strengthen our connections with media sources in Latin America and keep them updated on our progress—and our exponential growth over the past year"

adds the general manager for alaMaula/eBayCG Latam.

A year has passed since eBay disembarked in the Latam region via classified ad partner alaMaula. Diego Noriega, the company’s general manager, emphasized how much growth the segment has experienced since.

“Online classified ads have grown by 1425% in Latam over the past twelve months."

The company’s platform currently receives eight million visits per month and works in eleven countries. Argentina and Colombia currently represent the biggest markets, with more than 1.3 million active classified ads.

More about Wormhole: Advantages available with online video conference:

  • Limited Use A number of sessions can be performed that the user needs 24 hours a day
  • Vicinity Share audio, video, virtual board, public or private chat, documents and a work area, like a presence meeting without moving from their office.
  • Privacy Public or private meetings can be organized with an access code.
  • Easy Adaptation The interface can be customized with the visual identity of the company.
  • Big Capacity It enables access to multiple webcams and simultaneous participants.
  • Collaboration It shares the user computer screen live with all other participants in the meeting room.
  • Visibility The users of Wormhole Auditorium could share in full screen mode with video of what is happening.
  • Simplicity All is needed is a broadband connection and a web browser.
  • RecordingVirtual meetings can be recorded to review them at a later time.


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