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Wormole jurado Imagine Cup 2012

In the 10th Edition that took place in Australia Sally Buberman and Ignacio López –co-founders of Wormhole were part of the traditional event that promotes innovation, technology and entrepreneurs spirit look for solutions to world issues, such as disabilities or the environment.

July 6th-11th more than 350 students from 75 countries travelled to Sydney to represent their home countries and make it to the international finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup, after contesting in local events and online. This initiative, in which over 1.4 million students worldwide, have taken part since 2003, has encouraged technical school students over 16 years to develop projects that allow them to consolidate their interest in technology and innovation, promoting the study of technology-related university programs, a segment of high-employment and work quality. The software, cloud computing and game design projects of these youngsters are designed not only to be state-of-the-art technology, but also to solve some of the most serious problems of the world: starvation, environment, diseases, child mortality, energy, and more.

Wormhole was at the finals of the Imagine Cup in Korea 2007. Their project consisted in approaching the teaching issues that there were in the distance learning platforms due to lack of infrastructure. They designed a learning management system in which new technology was included to offer a new service with new features, such as video streaming, for instance. Moreover, they recognized that the current Wormhole Campus systems are not targeted to developing and/or emerging markets round the world; thus, the availability of systems in local languages, developed by local companies, would enable offering a teaching system for professors and students.

"Microsoft helped us a lot from the very beginning, either by introducing customers, partners or even potential investors. However, it depends of each of us to ask for help. People in general are ready to help you, but sometimes they don't know how. The best things that we entrepreneurs can do is reach out and ask for help without fearing what others might say,"

said Sally Buberman at a press conference this summer.

Also, Ignacio López, Director of Technology and partner of Wormhole, added:

"The life of an entrepreneur/businessperson is a pitch. You're always telling people what you do in order to convince partners, customers, employees, investors, etc. Imagine Cup was a great help in this sense, since it made us make presentations in front of the jury, which trained us for the entrepreneur life".

The current mission of Wormhole is:

"Making a revolution in the way in which people work, learn and collaborate round the world. We want to provide our users with the best way to communicate and share information, and, at the same time, making the company in the standard for web conference solutions in raising markets. Our products are helping professionals, companies, educational institutions and government agencies save time and money by allowing them to meet, train and coordinate meetings online using any computer connected to the Internet",

added López Imagine Cup 2012.

“In the world of technology, Imagine Cup 2012 is like talking Olympic Games or the World Cup, all in one single event with youngsters from 75 countries”,

pointed out Leandro Doeyo, Director of Academic Programs of Microsoft Latin America.

Imagine Cup has three key categories for the contest:

  • Software Design
  • Game Design: Xbox/Windows
  • Game Design: Phones

This year, the co-founders of Wormhole took part as international jury in the category "Software Design" and the winner project was developed by the Ukrainian team quaSquad: “Enable Talk.”. This solution allows individuals with hearing impairments communicate verbally using tailored sensitive gloves that interpret sign language and an application for smartphones that translated sign language into speech.

Finally, Sally Buberman took part as Role Model in a women-only dinner with the aim of "motivating" them to follow this technological path:

"You don't have to e obsessed with money or believe that it takes a lot to start a company. If you're really passionate about your project and believe that what you're doing you can change the world, then you find the way to move forward, create a company and make it successful with only a few resources",

she shared with the attendants.

"In the last 10 years, the attendants of Imagine Cup have applied technology and their minds to make a positive impact on their local communities and change the world”,

said Moorthy Uppaluri, General Director of Global Academic Programs at Microsoft.

“Either using cloud computing to help to recover from a disaster, invent technology to make education more available and breach the gap, or enable medical diagnosis through mobile phones, Imagine Cup has inspired students to imagine what was considered impossible and make it come true”.

All teams that took part in the World Finals of Imagine Cup 2012 in Sydney this year are eligible to apply for the program Imagine Cup Grants, a three year investment by Microsoft, of $ 3 million to help students to make their ideas come true.

“Traditional education must change to generate more entrepreneurs. Today, at school and university, they teach us that failure is bad, and that we have to fear it. They take exams and, if we fail, it's bad. However, the life of an entrepreneur is failing, making mistakes, falling and getting up again. It isn't bad; it's something to learn from. Education should make you close to that”,

there concluded Ignacio López, Wormhole.

  • Limited Use A number of sessions can be performed that the user needs 24 hours a day
  • Vicinity Share audio, video, virtual board, public or private chat, documents and a work area, like a presence meeting without moving from their office.
  • Privacy Public or private meetings can be organized with an access code.
  • Easy Adaptation The interface can be customized with the visual identity of the company.
  • Big Capacity It enables access to multiple webcams and simultaneous participants.
  • Collaboration It shares the user computer screen live with all other participants in the meeting room.
  • Visibility The users of Wormhole Auditorium could share in full screen mode with video of what is happening.
  • Simplicity All is needed is a broadband connection and a web browser.
  • RecordingVirtual meetings can be recorded to review them at a later time.

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