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Suicide prevention

Wormhole is used by the Manos Unidas por la Paz Foundation which promotes the psychophysical, social, environmental and cultural balance of the people.

The videoconference platform is used to quickly reach places where the priority is assist, advice and collaborate with the community or people who went through suicidal processes. Lic. Ernesto Rubén Páez, President of the Fundation and the Coordinator of the Program for Prevention, Care and Postvention of Suicide, explains that:

"We consider this tool fundamental for immediate attention, since this methodology allows us to be communicated 24/7, 365 days a year"


He adds:

"Early intervention ensures that those affected by a suicide can be assisted immediately by specialists. The easy deployment and use of the platform allows anyone, even thos with no computer knowledge, to use it without difficulty".

Wormhole is available for all users in a fast, cost-effective, easy and agile way. Ignacio López, one of the founders of Wormhole explains that to use the platform

"You do not need special equipment, it works on any PC that is connected to the Internet. This methodology can be used to save lives by providing treatment for cases which require immediate attention without having distance as an obstacle."

The Manos Unidas por la Paz Foundation brings together specialists in mental health, violence, care and prevention of suicide, who now meet online to perform virtual team meetings, planning, monitoring cases in the country and the region, end quickly evaluating medical issues that may aries. This methodology has been helpful and has improved the communication between the body of professionals and the coordinators. The director of the foundation adds:

“The use of this platform creates solid bonds that will improve in time with fluid and direct communication, almost like being face to face".

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