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E-learning has been around for over a decade, but today it has become what could be called Live Learning. It now allows access to courses and training without the need for rigorous assistance, learning from any place at any time, a lifestyle chosen by an increasing number of people worldwide. Here we have some expert advice to avoid distractions.

Both traditional e-learning and the new Live Learning are good solutions to get quality training while avoiding many of the usual expenses of the traditional learning experience, while also taking advantage of the new technologies to allow learning or professional improvement to mix with our daily activities seamlessly.

“A few years ago Social Learning was considered to be the future, and today it is a reality, but what is certain is that the future of e-learning will be in a scenario where learning and playing converge. The new generations will accept with growing enthusiasm this new context of learning in a playful environment. However it is necessary to keep some clear objectives in mind to take full advantage of technological advances”,

–stated Ignacio Lopez, CTO of Wormhole, creator of the Wormhole Campus platform.

"This is a unique possibility to democratize knowledge and allow everyone to have access to training and learning. Furthermore, it focuses on human relations, which enhance the learning process by sharing experiences, ideas and knowledge in the same way they would on a traditional classroom”,

concluded Wormhole's director of technology

Up next, some advice from Ignacio López to take full advantage of live-learning without being distracted from our goal:

Live classes

  • Choose a comfortable place, with good lighting and where you can avoid being interrupted. This will help you focus and maintain your attention as you would in a regular classroom.
  • Avoid making classes longer than one hour without breaks. The ideal scenario is to make classes last no more than two hours with a 10 or 15 minute break in the middle. Walk around a bit, get some coffee and relax your eyes.
  • Prepare the class before entering the virtual classroom. In order to avoid wasting time during class upload the documents earlier, make sure that presentations, videos and images are showing correctly. Become familiar with the tools so you avoid problems once the class has started.
  • Be prepared to participate in the class using live audio and video. The human element is a proven factor that improves the learning experience, both the teacher-student as well as student-student relationships. Therefore, it is very important to have a camera and a microphone that allow us to participate in the live experience, such as we would in a regular classroom.
  • When the class is over it is importante to review it, take a look at the recording, share notes and submit all questions and doubts to both teachers and students. Often students don’t ask questions in the class, mayde due to feeling embarrassed, or maybe because some questions don’t come up until we have reviewed the class.

Contents in a self-paced course

  • It is important to include images, photos and videos to enrich contents This helps keep students engaged when reading the contents on their own
  • Students should invest as much time as they normally would on a traditional course. The key to success is to read the content early and thoroughly, participate using forums, ask questions and work as a team.
  • Take advantage of social networks. They are very helpful for group management and interaction, improving relationships with peers.
  • Keep presentations short and text to a mínimum. Excess text and presentations with more than 20 slides become tiresome for students.

Wormhole is the company who created one of the most used and awarded education platforms of Latin America. It proposes that education should be “agile, fast, with instant feedback, seeing each other’s faces, but without the need to move, from any place in the world” –as stated by Ignacio Lopez, CTO of this Argentinian company.

Wormhole Live Learning:

  • The only complete "Live Learning" platform.
  • Atractive, visual, intuitive, easy to use and manage.
  • Available everywhere, from your computer, cellphone or tablet.
  • It just works, even with bad connections or low bandwidth.
  • Available in one click. No expenses on infrastructure or setup.
  • Customize your plan and pay only for what you need

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