Wormhole Live Learning
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If we dream about it, we can achieve it. Wormhole (the first Live Learning platform in the world) and Wingu (the non-profit association specialized in technology) have decided to join together to show you that our dream has come true and you are part of it: now, your NGO has the possibility to use a free Virtual Campus.

The Reinvention of E-Learning - Mercado magazine

Interactive training is the new motor and a concept that allows education on virtual platforms to renew itself and generate new businesses. In the middle nineties, what had become a great solution for big corporations stopped halfway. Today, it is taken up again with a new generation of figures.

Echo cancellation for virtual rooms

Wormhole presented a new version of it's products, Classroom and Auditorium, developed with HTML5 technology, which enables a faster and lighter experience. However, the most prominent (and the most expected) feature, is the "echo cancellation" function. It is no longer necessary to wear headphones or headsets to prevent echo during virtual classes.

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Information Technology

Wormhole was set up as a platform for online training. Now they go for mobile devices and incomes are estimated to be about U$S 1 million.

By Manuel Parera - For Information Technology Magazine