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Pride, satisfaction and a huge desire to keep on growing. All these nice feelings invade us when we receive a comment from a customer; when we see the smile of someone who is part of Wormhole, or, like in this case, after being granted the "LMS Award 2015", which puts us within the 50 most successful companies in our field.

We've started the year in a special way, committed to growth and with the recognition of the emblem award granted by the E-Learning industry. It's so great to be part of this exclusive and challenging group of 50!

Knowing that our virtual education platform competes with the greatest ones in the world is our driving force and gives us the strength we need to keep on growing. We strive for the best because we know that behind each customer there is a demand for us to meet, a need to fulfill and a new challenge we look forward to achieving.

Today, we share our accomplishments with you and our desire to keep on growing, providing education through Live Learning.

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