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Jovenes Endeavor

The american NGO world renowned for recognizing and stimulating entrepeneurs from around the globe has selected the founding partners of Wormhole, after successfully overcoming the harsh evaluation and training required to be part of this top group of high-impact entrepeneurs.

In the 46th international selection panel, which took place in Miami from the 10th to the 12th of december, Endeavor selected 40 high-impact entrepeneurs from 10 different countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Lebanon, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Uruguay. Wormhole's co-founders, Sally Buberman, Ignacio López and Maximiliano Menasches were part the the chosen entrepeneurs, able to generate wealth, employment and innovation.

The platform created by these young argentine entrepeneurs opens the door for a change in the methodologies to access information. Wormhole's online video conferencing has been recognized by different companies and NGOs, however "being chose as Endeavor entrepeneurs represents, for us, recognition for the effort and dedication that we put every day into our company. It also implies a great responsability to keep collaborating with the entrepeneurs in our region to encourage the growth of the country", stated Ignacio López, uno of the four founders of the argentine company and Director of Research and Development.

Thus, Endeavor totals 766 entrepeneurs from 476 companies from 14 emerging countries. The international selection commitee is the final step in a rigurous many-stepped process, starting with local selection and later international interviews with leaders from companies who offer their guidance to the candidates: "It was an experience both unique and unrepeatable. We worked for over six months with out interviewers and local team to polish our bussiness model, our future strategy and our communication", explained Sally Buberman, Director of Products and Marketing.

Renowned bussinessmen such as Jésica Trosman from Trosman, Inés Bertónfrom Tealosophy, Martín Churba from Tramando, Martín Migoya from Globant, Gabo Nazar from Cardón and Marcos Galperín from MercadoLibre.com, among others, have been selected by Endeavor Foundation in different occasions. Being part of the Endeavor community implies recognition and support from an international organization which is focused on accelerating the growth of the selected Entrepeneurs by giving them services and access to a wide network of world-class contacts.

Wormhole Live learning, Wormhole's internet videoconferencing software is a tool, so simple and cost-effective that is was adopted by professionals and academics in a way as natural as traditional assistance to class, making it possible to establish communications, train, meet or broadcast events no matter the distance. It works 100% on the web and it makes it feasible to take a class from a university, a medical athenaeum, or a meeting room, anywhere in the world withouth altering the traditional dynamics: "We believe that with Endeavor's help we will take our company to the next level of growth and international expansion. For this we have put together a solid work plan that will allow us to reach our objectives", stated Maximiliano Menasches, Director of sales and projects for Wormhole.

  • 40 entrepeneurs from 11 countries were selected. Only 4 (10%) are women.
  • In Argentina there are 110 Endeavor entrepeneurs. Only 6 are women.
  • 28.000 people presented so far and less thatn 2% were chosen.
  • This acceptance rate is lower than that of entering Harvard.

Despite Endeavor being an American foundation, the selection criteria for the entrepeneurs from the countries outside the U.S. (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Mexico, Lebanon, Jordan, Southafrica, Turkey) is as follows:

  • Ethical and Innovative
  • More than one year on the project
  • Minimum 2.5 million pesos yearly revenue
  • High socioeconomic impact
  • Potential for growth

For more information you can visit:

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  • Endeavor Argentina