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Success stories of our clients

Our clients tell us about their experiences and how the products of Wormhole Live Learning Platform help them daily.

Universidad de San Andrés

Area: Academic

Besides having a virtual learning environment, one of our objectives was to incorporate online conference services. Upon starting to use Wormhole, we realized that we could not only use this tool for undergraduate or postgraduate classes, but also we could use it to carry out a lot of activities that are typical of a university.

CNP Assurances

Area: Insurance

We have detected the need to enlarge our life insurance marketing network in the interior of the country. Final sales are carried out by independent Insurance Brokers located in different cities of Argentina, thus we have decided to use Wormhole for distance training.


Area: Software and information security

Some years ago we discovered the necessity of training all ESET product dealers and service providers scattered across Latin America; not only the new members that incorporate to the company, but also those who are already consolidated and need constant update to provide the best service to our customers.

Fia Región IV

Area: Road Safety and Motoring

We realized about the need to include technology in the theoretical learning on road safety searching for the efficiency of the instructor’s learning in the driving schools of the entire Latin America, and we decided to create our interactive Live Learning platform to update certifications for instructors.

PMC College and Consulting

Area: Profesional Training

We saw the possibility of enhancing the scope of these courses in the interior of the country, or even Latin America, and that was the reason why we decided to implement a distance learning platform that replicates on-site experience. We generally use this modality for courses open to the public, which means that we publish the courses on the online catalogue and those who want to participate just have to sign up.

Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia

Area: Professional Associations

The institute has been working for more than 10 years offering blended courses or completely distance courses. We offer courses from the IAS itself, which are internationally recognized by ASME and bear API international certification. We decided to use Wormhole Campus in order to integrate all of our online training processes.

Fundación Evolución

Area: Educational Foundation

Some of the activities that we had to expand are trainings for teachers and tutors, collaborative projects between schools at the national and international level, web conferences cycles and meetings with provincial leaders of the Foundation.

Smart Coach

Area: Profesional Training

Smart Coach is an international company, leader in training services and processes and accreditation of new coaching professionals in Chile, Colombia, Peru and the United States.


Setor: Oil industry

Grupo Diavaz is an organization of a group of companies and strategic joint ventures, formed with the objective of providing integral services and solutions for the oil industry, by using leading edge technologies available in the market, and putting them to work for its customers.

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